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At WAIRSO, we’re on a mission to simplify your life and enhance your experiences through innovation and technology. Our commitment to excellence drives us to create cutting-edge solutions that make everyday tasks effortless and enjoyable.

WSA Bath

Say goodbye to the guesswork of pool water chemistry management with our automatic solution that ensures optimal disinfection while using fewer chemicals.


Experience hassle-free drinking water chemistry management with continuous monitoring of chlorine and pH levels, all fully automated for your convenience.


Streamline drinking water chlorine control with our automatic controller that guarantees optimal disinfection using minimal chemicals.


Achieve precise pH level monitoring for your drinking water, ensuring it always meets the highest quality standards.


Why Choose WAIRSO?

Innovation at Heart

We’re passionate about innovation and use the latest technology to create products that simplify your life.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to the highest standards to ensure that our products meet and exceed your expectations.

User-Centric Design

Every product is thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind, delivering convenience and reliability.

Commitment to Sustainability

We’re dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint with eco-friendly solutions.

Exceptional Customer Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

What Our Customers Say About Our Service

Ramesh Narang Pool Owner

"I was tired of constantly monitoring my pool's water chemistry and manually adding chemicals. Then I discovered WSA BATH by WAIRSO. This product is a game-changer! It's fully automatic, and it has made pool maintenance a breeze. I'm impressed with the precise control it offers, and I no longer worry about the safety of my family and guests. WAIRSO has truly redefined pool water management."

Davinder Singh Home owners

"WSAqua has been a lifesaver for my family. We used to struggle with managing our drinking water quality, but with WSAqua, it's hassle-free. The automatic monitoring of pH and chlorine levels gives us peace of mind. Plus, the excellent customer support from WAIRSO makes the experience even better. We highly recommend WSAqua!"

Lalit Seth Water Treatment Specialist

"As a professional in the water treatment industry, I've been thoroughly impressed with WAIRSO's products. WSAChlori has made my job easier by automating chlorine control in drinking water systems. It's reliable, efficient, and compliant with industry standards. WAIRSO's commitment to innovation and sustainability is commendable."

Alka R Environmental Engineer

"WSA PH by WAIRSO has exceeded my expectations. I've been using it to monitor pH levels in our water supply, and it has been flawless. The fact that it never requires calibration and automatically cleans the system is a big plus. WAIRSO's dedication to quality and convenience shines through in this product."

Sandeep Sharma Pool Facility Manager

"We recently upgraded our pool management system with WSA BATH, and it's been a game-changer for our facility. The automatic testing and precise control of water chemistry have improved the safety and enjoyment of our pool. WAIRSO's customer support team has been responsive and helpful. We're extremely satisfied customers!"

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We invite you to join us on a journey toward a smarter, safer, and more enjoyable life. Together, we can redefine convenience and innovation in your world.

Explore our products, discover the future, and embrace the WAIRSO difference.

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